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Coptic Social Networking

I've been looking at Social Networking for a while now, and I think there is definitely a need for this among the Coptic Orthodox community.

There is a lot of benefits too, such as:

  • Youth get to enjoy each others company under the umbrella of the church
  • A church directory can be built up easily
  • Youth groups can be formed and a youth database achieved through this
  • Central place for all copts
  • Library of resources eg. sermons, photos, events can be shared amongst all chuches world wide

An example of this vision is seen in MyChurch.org where they are implementing a social network for all churches world wide. This article "A private social network for your church" shows there vision.

Another point I would like to mention:

  • Social networking sites such as Bebo/My Space tend to have a negative impact on young adolescent youth since they are put into a social environment where there are no adults and they can do what they want. Hence swearing, sexual images, worldly music are "normal".

My Dream

Here is some brainstorming I did on an ideal Coptic Social Network Site that I would love to be implemented.

  • Events
    • RSVP
    • Photos of events afterwards
  • Friends
  • Monasteries
  • Diocese
    • Bishop
    • Churches
      • Fathers
      • Sunday School Class of XX
      • Other Groups
        • Choir
        • Deacons
      • Youth Groups
        • Servants
        • Photos
        • Events
      • Photos
      • Events
  • Organisations
    • Events
  • Profile
    • Avatar
    • Pictures
    • Family Tree
    • Messages
  • News
  • Saints
  • Resources
    • Audio
      • Sermons
      • Hymns
    • Books
    • Presentations

Due to the hard nature of building something like this, I think MyChurch.org is the best one that fits this criteria so far. Ning.com has been up there too, but it serves more of a general social networking site rather than church specific.

Let me know your opinions.

God Bless