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Screen Casting with Cam Studio

Download Cam Studio

Download Codec for XVID

Setting for Cam Studio

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Changing Youtube Email

I’ve been scratching my head around this for the past 3 months, with a solution at last!!

I don’t want to lose my channel username and my videos and views etc. But Youtube has no way to change your username or your email address so your email address is stuck with your username. Or is it??

There is a tool I happen to come across called migration. It allows you to move data between google accounts. It’s very undocumented and hidden, but it works like a charm.

So I have a channel called which is linked to the webmaster email address for that domain (webmaster at hisvine dot com) however I want it to be linked to youtube at hisvine dot com so that another person can upload videos without having to use the administrator account.

So here is how to do it.

Go to and login to your account

Then once you are logged in, go to the migration tool and swap in the email addresses that you want to use as your source and destination



Sign in to the second account and select the google products you want to move between accounts, in my case YouTube and your done 🙂

Hope that helps out with a lot of people that are having that issue

Please leave a comment if this helped you out


The Real Face of Jesus

I watched a documentary the other day about the Shroud of Turin. This is no normal documentary, it uses the latest technology to digitalise and 3-Dimensionalise the face of Jesus using the Shroud of Turin as it’s source.

Shroud of TurinGraphics animators analyse and study the shroud to decipher the image in the cloth using various advanced techniques. This video is a great video to watch during this resurrection season. A lot of research into its authenticity is undertaken to see whether this really is the shroud that wrapped the body of Jesus or just a painting.

It’s great to see how technology can be used to enable us to see the face of Jesus after 2000 years.

You can watch the documentary below and if you like it please support it by purchasing The Real Face of Jesus DVD from

Ekhristos Anesty!

Alithos Anesty!

The Documentary Video will be uploaded soon (there is just some technical difficulties)

Mobile Phone Nokia

Nokia N81 SMS problem

I had an issue with my phone where I could not open any sms messages I received on my phone. My sms settings was set up to use my memory card as the storage location. Nokia N81

When I changed Memory in use to my Phone memory then any messages I receive I can open, but when I set it back to my  memory card it doesn’t work.

So I done a bit of research and I found the path where my sms’s are stored on my memory card. The location is <MemoryCard>:\Private\1000484b. I figured that the best way to fix my problem is to delete this folder so that my memory database on my phone is reset (since this is what is causing the problem)

Now to do this you need to change your memory in use settings back to phone memory and open up the files in a file explorer or file manager (if you have trouble with this leave a comment), then delete that folder. Note: that will delete all sms messages on your memory card too.

Change the memory in use again setting in your messages and test to see if you can open messages again.

It worked for me.. I hope it works for you too =)

This should work on all Symbian 3rd Edition phones.


What’s blocking port 80?!

After trying to run an Apache webserver for a while now… I finally figured out what’s wrong.

Firstly, I couldn’t detect if it was a firewall blocking problem or a user not having the right privilages to run a webserver.

With the help of google I discovered a command that lets you find all the the ports open on your computer and the PID’s of each process so that you can kill that process.

Run NETSTAT -ano on the command line and write down the PID number, of the port that is open that you want free.
From a task manager you can see what process is having the PID, and you can tell which program is using that port.

In my situation it was skype that was using up port 80. Arrghh

Hope this comes in good use!


Bill != Michael

OK.. this might be a shock for some people but my real name is Michael not Bill. As funny as it sounds, I’ve had someone come up to me one time and ask me “Why do people call you Michael?”
I’ve been called Bill ever since like year 9 or something, which makes that nickname about… hmm.. 8 years old. The classic question I always get is “How do you get Bill from Michael?” And my response is “Bill Gates” and there like “ohhhhh.. hahaha” and yea hehe.

So anyway I love the name Bill. However lately I’ve been getting about 5 phone calls per week purely computer trouble shooting related and going on MSN for me = opening a IT hotline.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind helping people out, in fact I love it. But I don’t have all the solutions to every single computer related problem (I wish I did though) hehe.

So I came to the conclusion that people come to me for help not because I know all the solutions but because they think “hmm… computer not working… ah yes.. I’ll call Bill!” thinking that Bill is the performer of computer miracles. But clearly I don’t have all the solutions. So if you have ever come to me and I’ve tried to help you out but I couldn’t figure out the solution then I’m sorry and I really hope that you didn’t just throw your computer out the window in frustration lol.

This week I decided to keep track of how many people called me up for computer related problems. I got 1 on Sunday Night relating to storing video, 1 on Monday Night to recover a Word document, 1 on Wednesday Night to fix up Ethernet Driver and Thursday during the day to fix a monitor that keeps turning off. That’s just off the top of my head.

So after careful consideration I have decided to change my name from Bill to Michael. =)


The Hermit Fathers

By: Fr Samaan El Souriany

St Shenouda Monastery, with the Kind permission of the translators and after a long time being out of print, has reprinted “The Hermit Fathers”. If you are interested in buying copies for your bookshop or youth group please email us. An excerpt Hermit Fathers Excerpt which is made out of, The Table of contents, and the lives of two of those great saints can be seen here.

The Hermit Fathers is an account of the virtuous asceticism and admirable ways of life of the holy and blessed wilderness fathers. They are meant to inspire and instruct those who want to imitate their heavenly lives, so that they may make progress on the way that leads to the kingdom of heaven. The holy fathers who were the initiators and masters of the blessed monastic way of life, being entirely on fire with divine and heavenly love and counting as nothing at all that men hold to be beautiful and estimable, trained themselves on earth to do nothing whatsoever out of vainglory. They hid themselves away, and by their supreme humility in keeping most of their good works hidden, they made progress on the way that leads to God. Moreover, no one has been able to describe their virtuous lives for us in detail, for those who have taken the greatest pains in this matter have only committed to writing a few fragments of their more admirable deeds and words.  In this book you will find twenty eight examples of the lives of those Holy men and women which are sweeter than honey and honeycomb.

The price of the book is

1-49 Copies AUD $ 8.00 Each + Shipping
50 and over AUD $ 6.00 Each + Shipping

Title: The Hermit Fathers
Author: Fr Samaan El Souriany
Binding: Perfect Bound
Trim Size: 215mm x 140 mm
No of Pages: 192 Pages
Weight: 250 g


Coptic Social Networking

I’ve been looking at Social Networking for a while now, and I think there is definitely a need for this among the Coptic Orthodox community.

There is a lot of benefits too, such as:

  • Youth get to enjoy each others company under the umbrella of the church
  • A church directory can be built up easily
  • Youth groups can be formed and a youth database achieved through this
  • Central place for all copts
  • Library of resources eg. sermons, photos, events can be shared amongst all chuches world wide

An example of this vision is seen in where they are implementing a social network for all churches world wide. This article “A private social network for your church” shows there vision.

Another point I would like to mention:

  • Social networking sites such as Bebo/My Space tend to have a negative impact on young adolescent youth since they are put into a social environment where there are no adults and they can do what they want. Hence swearing, sexual images, worldly music are “normal”.

My Dream

Here is some brainstorming I did on an ideal Coptic Social Network Site that I would love to be implemented.

  • Events
    • RSVP
    • Photos of events afterwards
  • Friends
  • Monasteries
  • Diocese
    • Bishop
    • Churches
      • Fathers
      • Sunday School Class of XX
      • Other Groups
        • Choir
        • Deacons
      • Youth Groups
        • Servants
        • Photos
        • Events
      • Photos
      • Events
  • Organisations
    • Events
  • Profile
    • Avatar
    • Pictures
    • Family Tree
    • Messages
  • News
  • Saints
  • Resources
    • Audio
      • Sermons
      • Hymns
    • Books
    • Presentations

Due to the hard nature of building something like this, I think is the best one that fits this criteria so far. has been up there too, but it serves more of a general social networking site rather than church specific.

Let me know your opinions.

God Bless


Cteching into the future!

I was looking at my favourite blogger and I found out about another coptic techy blogger .

But what’s really amazing is that David has started a CTech community for all Copts to help out with technology amongst each other and share ideas.

Ctech stands for Coptic Technology. Ctech refers to all the technology that can be implemented in both our churches and their ministry.”

More information can be found here

This is such an excellent idea! I’ve been wanting something like this for a while now since it is a lot of effort to learn about technical stuff.. and once you do.. you can only share it with one church. It would be far more better to share it with a group of technical copts from all around the world to benefit all churches internationally.

May God Bless this new ministry and I’m sure it will be successful!!

There is also a Google Group for it.. hmmm.. I wana start the facebook group hehehe =)

Windows XP

Desktop Visual Enhancements

Today I am going to put some basic tools to make my desktop look good.

The two tools I will use are from the PunkLabs website.

UberIcons creates a visual effect when double clicking an icon, which may not seem that useful. RocketDock is more useful. It is similar to the QuickLaunch toolbar for Windows XP, but with more custom visualisations. The disadvantage is that it doesn’t read shortcuts from a standard folder, as was a feature with quicklaunch toolbars before.