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Bill != Michael

OK.. this might be a shock for some people but my real name is Michael not Bill. As funny as it sounds, I've had someone come up to me one time and ask me "Why do people call you Michael?"
I've been called Bill ever since like year 9 or something, which makes that nickname about... hmm.. 8 years old. The classic question I always get is "How do you get Bill from Michael?" And my response is "Bill Gates" and there like "ohhhhh.. hahaha" and yea hehe.

So anyway I love the name Bill. However lately I've been getting about 5 phone calls per week purely computer trouble shooting related and going on MSN for me = opening a IT hotline.

Now don't get me wrong. I don't mind helping people out, in fact I love it. But I don't have all the solutions to every single computer related problem (I wish I did though) hehe.

So I came to the conclusion that people come to me for help not because I know all the solutions but because they think "hmm... computer not working... ah yes.. I'll call Bill!" thinking that Bill is the performer of computer miracles. But clearly I don't have all the solutions. So if you have ever come to me and I've tried to help you out but I couldn't figure out the solution then I'm sorry and I really hope that you didn't just throw your computer out the window in frustration lol.

This week I decided to keep track of how many people called me up for computer related problems. I got 1 on Sunday Night relating to storing video, 1 on Monday Night to recover a Word document, 1 on Wednesday Night to fix up Ethernet Driver and Thursday during the day to fix a monitor that keeps turning off. That's just off the top of my head.

So after careful consideration I have decided to change my name from Bill to Michael. =)

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  1. hey my name is Michel Mikhail too!! spelled a little different but same thing basicly. im also coptic orthodox and i go to st. mark’s in DC. im also a blogger at michelmikhail.wordpress.com

    its nice to find another person that also has the literal name michael michael, and one that i have a lot in common with is even cooler!

    how do u get your wp blog to do so much!? especaily the page that comes up when you first visit the site and what did u use to create your other webpages?

    i might forget to check back so it may be better to post your reply on my blog

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