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Cteching into the future!

I was looking at my favourite blogger http://anchorite.org and I found out about another coptic techy blogger http://dbebawy.wordpress.com .

But what's really amazing is that David has started a CTech community for all Copts to help out with technology amongst each other and share ideas.

"Ctech stands for Coptic Technology. Ctech refers to all the technology that can be implemented in both our churches and their ministry."

More information can be found here

This is such an excellent idea! I've been wanting something like this for a while now since it is a lot of effort to learn about technical stuff.. and once you do.. you can only share it with one church. It would be far more better to share it with a group of technical copts from all around the world to benefit all churches internationally.

May God Bless this new ministry and I'm sure it will be successful!!

There is also a Google Group for it.. hmmm.. I wana start the facebook group hehehe =)

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