Hey People!!
I’ve been thinking about doing a website for my self for a while now. I did start one at this website but this only works when my computer is on… so that’s not good.. hmmm..

So, Tada…Here is the website that I will be using to broadcast what ever I want to say. I find it a good opportunity for me to start using blog posts as well as see what other people think of what I say.

My aim of this Blog post is to focus on two of my Hot Favourite topics… which are:

  1. Coptic Church – Anything to do with this from Egypt affairs, Church Events, Youth Events, etc.
  2. Techno – no… this is not music.. lol… anything to do with Technology (the dreaded word for some people)

So if you find an interest in either of these, or if you are forced to read some of my blogs because you hate Technology then I hope you have enjoy reading my awsomley kewl blogs! … now lets see if i can do a Smiley face in here… hmm I can’t anyway =)

Enjoy the Power of CoptoSoft!

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